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Christmas is in the Air

Tuesday, February 25th, 2020


Trying out new skills.

Creativity in the Classroom aims to give children the opportunity to have new learning experiences, an exposure to learning in a creative way, and at the same time exploring concepts and ways of working individually and collectively.’

As a facilitator I am listening to the children, who sometimes have a preconceived idea of what art should be and to teachers who have an overloaded curriculum to fulfil.

Christmas brings a lot of preconceived ideas and I find it can be difficult to have it as a theme.

Before Christmas I was working with two second classes in Inchicore N.S. and a second and third class in Our Lady of Lourdes, Goldenbridge.

All the classes wanted to do something for Christmas so for the two sessions before our holidays I thought we could explore some skills and materials and the children could create their own decorations using these.

All teachers requested to do something with ‘Fabric and Fibre’, part of the visual art curriculum.

IMG_0688 copy

IMG_0667 copy

This is what we did.

1st week

Dipping and dyeing fabric.

IMG_0612 copy IMG_0594 copy IMG_0606 copy

Learning to make knots and making tassels.

IMG_0604 copy IMG_0609 copy IMG_0610 copy

Wrapping drift wood with coloured wools.

IMG_0613 copy

Drawing on wood-cookies.

IMG_0597 copy IMG_0621 copy

Cutting shapes and making cylinders from gold and silver card.Using a hole-puncher on card.

IMG_0592 copy

Putting it all together.

IMG_0619 copy IMG_0601 copy IMG_0620 copy

2nd week

Writing and drawing on the dyed fabric.

IMG_0669 copy IMG_0641 copyIMG_0671 copy 2 IMG_0672 copy IMG_0673 copy IMG_0675 copy

IMG_0695 copy IMG_0697 copy IMG_0700 copy IMG_0701 copy

IMG_0654 copy

Making willow circles.

IMG_0626 copy

Weaving with plants on the willow to make wreaths

IMG_0655 copy IMG_0629 copy

IMG_0681 copy IMG_0683 copy IMG_0690 copy IMG_0691 copy IMG_0692 copy IMG_0694 copy IMG_0657 copy IMG_0664 copy

Learning the names of our evergreen plants: ivy, holly, pine and pine-cones.

The children chose their own way to make decorations from these materials.