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Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

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10 week Block

School: Warrenmount

Class: 6th Class

Teacher : Ms O’ Reilly

Early in September we went to The Sculpture in Context exhibition at the Botanical Gardens . We were treated to a beautiful day of sunshine and a feast for the eyes and mind with all the brilliant art works dotted throughout the gardens.

clay insects botanical gardens 2019 051  clay insects botanical gardens 2019 050  clay insects botanical gardens 2019 048

clay insects botanical gardens 2019 042  clay insects botanical gardens 2019 029clay insects botanical gardens 2019 043

clay insects botanical gardens 2019 028 clay insects botanical gardens 2019 109 clay insects botanical gardens 2019 122

we noticed all the different materials being used to create the different art works, we talked about how the artist might have made the work . some of the work on show was made from found natural objects like sticks, stones, and straw, we also discussed what tools the artist may have used to carve the different types of stone  or how the artist might cast in bronze.

We noticed that many of the artworks on show were based on nature and birds. Back at the classroom we began our intensive study of birds.

We began by drawing in pencil.

IMG_5769  IMG_5768

1726 1698

1724  1700

1708 1692

1710 1720

We then worked on black card using oil pastels. I encouraged the girls to mix their pastels and use colour to work on a bird that best represented themselves rather than a bird you may see in an Irish garden. I brought in some photographs from the exhibition along with some pencil line drawings of birds.

1633  1635 1634

The girls worked using white oil pastels first and then added colour.

1658  1682

1669 1677

1668  1673

1675 1685

birds  1660

Some of the girls also experimented with water colour.

IMG_5780 IMG_5774

IMG_5794 IMG_5784


we talked about the birds we see on an everyday basis. The birds we may see on our way to school . Birds lining up on electricity lines and silhouettes of birds in the trees.

1751  1745

I asked the girls to keep an eye out for these birds on their way to school. To look carefully at their surroundings and see if they noticed new things. The following week one of the girls arrived in and told me that on her way to school she had stopped to take some photographs  on her phone of the silhouettes of birds in a tree!!!!

we made some quick sketches of silhouettes of birds on braches

1728 1737

1736 1727

1733 1734

using clay , wire and mod roc the girls then made small birds which they’d use in their own sculptural piece. They also made some which would be used in a collaborative piece.

091  090


I asked the girls to bring in some branches and sticks  that they would use to make their own sculptural piece based on the silhouette of birds.

IMG_5589  IMG_5604

IMG_5600  IMG_5593

the girls used wools in different ways to transform their branches

IMG_5606 IMG_5638

some chose brightly coloured wools while others stuck to the cool and icey winter colours

IMG_5614  IMG_5612

IMG_5620  IMG_5598 - Copy

IMG_5597 IMG_5595

IMG_5594 IMG_5613

we looked at how the lines of the wool wrapped their way around the branches. the girls focused on the shape and direction of the lines to make more drawings.

IMG_5631  IMG_5658

IMG_5649 IMG_5635

IMG_5650 IMG_5644

IMG_5661 IMG_5660

IMG_5663  IMG_5666


For the final workshop parents were invited in to work alongside the girls

IMG_5844 IMG_5845

IMG_5885 IMG_5862

IMG_5860 IMG_5874






Wednesday, December 18th, 2019



School: St. James

class: 1st class

Teachers: Ms. Bell, Ms Fisher

We started the new school term off with exploring colour. The children examined the different shades of color.

Prussian Blue , Brilliant Blue, Turquoise

Crimson, Brilliant Red , Cerise

Yellow Ochre, Brilliant yellow, lemon yellow.

The children worked on their own individual colour mixing sheets

1148 1145 1146

1140 1141 1139

1137 1138 1136

1135 1125 1124

1123 1121 1119

1119 1118 1112

As the children finished their  individual paintings they then formed small teams to work on collaborative paintings , their main focus for these paintings was to explore colour, to try and create as many new colours as they could.

1134  1110

Mixing continued in earnest and some magnificent work was created.

1143 1144

1131 1120

1142 1133


Berries and Leaves

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

1210 1217

1794  1799

School: St. James

Class 1st

teacher :Ms Bell

Following our trip to Botanical Gardens i brought in a selection of leaves and berries. The children spent time examining my collection. They looked at all the varying shades of greens, yellows, reds, pinks and purples. We looked at the delicate patterns that made up the veins of the leaves. We smelt rosemary , thyme and bay leaves. Some of the smells triggered memories in some of the children, this opened up a whole new conversation about grannies and grandads!!

1211 1216

Using white oil pastel the children made drawings of their favourite leaves from my collection

1230 1237

1224 1246

we talked about how we had mixed so many colours in our painting workshop, the children then added colour to their drawings, mixing along the way.

1245 1244

1250 1249

1243 1248

1242 1241

we also looked at the giant Rhubarb leaf , some of the children remembered the giant leaves by the pond in the botanical gardens.

The children then used chalk pastels and gold insulating foam to create their own giant leaves.

1787 1776

1779 1786

1778 1773

1811 1810

1807 1806

1803 1802

1799 1797

1796 1795

1794 1793
1792 1791


Drawing, Textile, Print.. A Creative Journey

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

132  131

St James,

Basin Lane

3rd Class

The children were learning about food in Irish so I decided to use this as a starting point. I emptied my fridge that day and brought in a big bag of vegetables. We started by identifying the veg. I had brought in red and yellow peppers,potatoes, spring onions,limes,lemons,celery,bananas,apples,cucumber,garlic,potatoes,spring onions,chillis and finally sugar snaps. For the first session we focused on making line drawings of the vegetables. So i did some short drawing demonstrations using 2b 4b and 6b pencils.We looked at the best starting point of making a drawing,how to fill the page with the drawings and add shade and colour.Meanwhile their teacher Kim started to make a list of the vegetables names and translate the names into irish.


087   083


064   096

106   108

We talked about looking closely at the vegetable,identifying the different lines and shapes that made up the vegetable. As the children finished off one drawing they swapped vegetables with someone else in the class. ,this was a natural progression and as they continued to draw I could feel the sense of enjoyment of the process. It was hard to put my finger on ,perhaps it was having the physical vegetables there that was causing the great interest. The fact that there was such a variety, that they could pick them up,smell them, turn them round to find the side they liked best. I asked them to pay careful attention to the colours in the vegetables and it was wonderful seeing drawings produced with such attention to detail. Garlic was drawn with hints of green and pink, spring onions stretched across the page with different shades of green

080   075


Throughout the process the children experimented with different mediums. starting out with pencil drawings, adding colour with colouring pencil and finishing up with black water colour pencil.

131   128


120   114

080  087

We then began to work in groups, i split the class up into four groups and each group chose a vegetable to make a large study of using fabrics.Each group made their large scale drawing, they then divided the fabrics into shade groupings and used the fabrics to fill their vegetable.

153  fabric

157  163

164 160

166 165

for our next session we looked at printmaking. The children continued to work on the theme of fruit and vegetebles. We looked back at some of the drawings that were made in the previous class.This time the children used soft foam board to make their printing blocks. We looked at creating marks and imprints in the foam board. I did a short demonstration on how best to make the drawing on the foam, especially ensuring the lines were quite deep and with a special focus on adding lines and creating texture int he finished drawing.

211  210

once the children were finished working on the foam, i demonstrated how to make a print. We looked at the colours that made up the vegetebles and discussed also using alternative colours. The children began by making their first two prints using one colour. Once they felt confident with the process I told them they could explore using several colour possibilities on their printing blocks. There was tremendous excitement in the class at the thought of creating their own prints.

216 215

226 222

221 220

219 251

249 229

231 234

235  241

For the final week I invited the parents into the classroom to work with the children on two collaborative large prints.

216  223

229 230

231 232





A sense of Place, creating an imaginary place

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

282 - Copy - Copy   287

senior Infants


We started by taking a walk around the local area.

271 - Copy 278

We went down by the canal and saw the swans , we stopped by Richmond Barracks which is situated directly across from the school.

285 - Copy (2)    286

291    293 - Copy

We heard all about the history of the place.

we drew on the blackboards and also got to ring the  school bell

459 - Copy 387

382 384

We were then told we could play in the gardens

378 - Copy (2) 375 - Copy

We were given chalks by the staff of Richmond Barracks so that we could draw on the ground.

361 362

372  350

We were made feel very welcome by everyone that worked there.

We returned to the classroom and we built our own imaginary world.

196 193

201 192

186 187

188 189

190 191


Houses and Homes

Monday, December 17th, 2018

013 020 011

003 005

St James, Basin Lane

1st class

In class the children were learning about types of homes. They started  by discussing all the different types, then went on to draw and paint them.

196 195

234 235

The children then made printing blocks of their houses. we did a workshop on colour, mixing and blending colours . To finish the children painted out a large roll of wallpaper , blending their colours as they went. we used this to print the buildings on to.

013 012 011

014025 023

022 021 015

017 018 020

009 008

This acted as a great backdrop to their colourful work.


299 349


Then they worked on clear contact paper and tissue paper to create imaginary buildings. we would used these to brighten up the coridor as the light could shine through.

273  055 057

271 272


274 277

279 281

I showed the children some very simple techniques using the tissue paper. They came up with some very impressive ways of using it for themselves. Far more sophisticated than i had shown. I was very impressed with their inventiveness.





Monday, December 17th, 2018

013 011 016

Golden bridge

third class

The children were learning all about life in Antarctica so we decided to focus on this, we started by looking at penguins and talking about their habits and way of life. the children began by making drawings in black marker of penguins having fun. we discussed making drawings of penguins in different positions, looking up, looking down, looking to the left , looking to the right.

041 037

038 043

028  027

then the children used charcoal and chalk to make some more drawings

054 051 050

we decided to make models of the penguins. i asked the children to start bringing in large plastic water bottles, as these would be used to form the main structure of the penguin. I gave each child a sock and they filled it with wool to form the head. each child then pulled the complete sock over their bottle and stuffed it with more wool to form the body. They had to decide now what position they wanted their penguin to be in. They learned how to make a cone shape for the beak from insulation roll.

010 356 355


We gathered all the penguins together to see how they looked as a group.

062 061

062 059

012  068

the children then began covering their penguin structures with mod roc. This would make their penguins really strong and enabled the children to capture and freeze their penguin pose.

070 065 066

016 001 013

003 004  006

007 008 009

010 011 012

014 013 006


052 049  005

010 011

038  050

wings and feet were added, the children couldn’t wait to paint them. Our plan was to to recreate the March of the penguins but to bring them through the school. I took lots of photos of the penguins on their journey. At each point every child had a different fact about life in Antarctica and they shared their knowledge with the group.


017  027 026 025 028 021 022 031 035 033 036 035 033 032 014 021 015 013 016    003  005 006 001 009







Pharaohs in Ancient Eqypt

Monday, December 17th, 2018

042 094 043

043      040       039


3rd class

The children were learning about ancient Egypt, we looked at Tutankhamun, who was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty.Throughout the making  process i asked the children to discuss different facts about ancient Egypt. Each table took turns in sharing their knowledge.

046 045 039 040 041 042 043 044 038 037 033 032 031 029 022 023 025 026 027 028

Imaginary Antarctica, penguins and their environments

Monday, December 17th, 2018

008 022 046

1st class

James Street

The boys were learning about the Antarctica. through clay and mod roc they explored making penguins

017 016

005 006

004 003

they painted their penguins and created imaginary environments for them to explore.

023 024

025 053


044 051

039 040

038 037

014 008

052 053

050  049

048 047


028 029

030 032

041 040

039 043


Owl Babies with Junior Infants

Monday, December 17th, 2018

294  287

Class:Junior Infants,

St James, Basin Lane

Teacher: Ms. Tobin

The children were reading Owl Babies with their teacher, so we decided to focus on drawing, making and painting our own owls.

002 001

I gathered a selection of leaves , stems, foliage in a range of colours. the children used these to create the body of the owls on stick contact paper.

004 003 004

006 005

they made eyes using the leaves and added colour with oil pastel

286 284

285 291


they also made paintings of owls.

296 295


292  283