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Sculpture in Context @ The Botanical Gardens 2016

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

piano lady in the tree

fox  hot house
Our Lady of Lourdes, Goldenbridge

Our Lady of the Wayside, Bluebell



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This years tour of the sculptural exhibition at the  Botanical Gardens did not fail to impress the children

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“Urban Safari” by Brian Byrne and Eoin Byrne

The fox and her cubs opened up conversations with the children about the wild animals that roam our city at night.

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“Sleeping Rough, A resting Place” by Irene Plazewska

The senior infant class form Goldenbridge were very insightful when examining the sculpture above. we talked about homelessness on the streets of our city and how sometimes you would walk past someone who was sleeping on the streets and perhaps not notice that they were there, as they may be camoflaged  with cardboard and hidden from view, just like the grassy mound in this sculpture hides the resting people.

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The children loved the vegetable garden and were lucky to spot the family of turtles who are permanent residents of the pond area.

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Examining, discussing,  playing , resting and exploring was all part of our day out.

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It was the perfect and we all returned to school feeling very inspired

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“Handa’s Surprise”

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Our lady of the Wayside, Bluebell

Class: Senior Infants

Teacher: Ms. Phelan

Having read the story “Handa’s Surprise” we discussed all the fruits that appeared in the story. The children make large oil pastel drawings of their favourite fruit from the story. they then worked together as a group to make a giant golden basket for the fruit to sit.

The children then worked on creating a surprise entrance to their classroom.


Group Work -Pattern & Colour

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Our lady of the Wayside, Bluebell

Class:1st and 2nd

Teacher: Ms. O’Toole

working with oil pastels and gold insulation foam, the children focused on colour and pattern.

We then put each individuals work together to make one large group based piece.


Native North American Totems

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Our lady of Lourdes, Goldenbridge


Teacher: Ms. Smartt

Fouth Class had been learning about The Native Americans and we decided to do some research into Totem Poles. We spent some time discussing and looking at examples of different types of Totem  and the materials used in their construction. Using A2 sheets of cartridge paper , oil pastels and gold papers to embellish, the children set about making their individual section for their class totem poles.

Using lengths of brown paper we curved the individual art works and glued in place , then children also worked on winged formations to attach to each totem.


“The Princess and The Happiness”

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Our Lady Of The Wayside Bluebell

Class: 1st and 2nd

Teacher: Ms. O’Toole

Story telling formed part of this workshop where we looked at the story ” The Princess and The Happiness” The children then chose a particular scene or character from the story and started with drawings using black pen and marker. They tried to include as much detail as possible also using the black marker to define certain areas and add pattern and texture. They then added watercolour.


Drawing Blind Parent and Child Workshop

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Our lady of The Wayside, Bluebell

Class: 6th

Teacher: Mr. Brett

for this parent/child workshop the children took part in a drawing blind excersise using charcoal and coloured chalks.


A Visit to The Natural History Museum

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Teacher :Aislinn Dunne

Class: 6th class

School: Loreto Senior

For a trip away from the classroom this term ,I chose The Natural History Museum. This is an amazing place that we sometimes forget is there and so with drawing boards and paper in hand off we set.

The girls were enthralled by the buildings space, it’s cabinets of exhibits and the masses of animals on display. It didn’t take them long to make themselves comfortable and begin sketching their favourites. The security man even gave some of them stools so that they could be more comfortable. They were not long settling in!!!

The girls were amazing on this trip, so focused on making their drawings and interested in everything around them. I think if we could they would have stayed for the whole afternoon!!

Back at the classroom, the girls continued to look at photographs of animals and make drawings.

The girls used viewfinders to enlarge sections of the animals. They did studies in pencil, chalk and pastel and used a variety of papers to draw on.




Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Teacher: Orla Brennan

Class: 6th class

School: Loreto Senior

With a huge range of materials from ReCreate the girls played around with different ways of using them. After some time working through design ideas they set to work making a base that would act as a framework for their creations. They girls worked in pairs to make a paper cast of each others head. This meant that once they were finished creating their hats they would fit each girls head.

Some of the groups decided to incorporate an opening for their ponytails allowing them to wear the hat with their hair tied up.

The girls were very inventive with their use of materials.

Some of the materials includes plastic tubing, wire,foam, brown paper, cones, lids, bottle tops, insulating foam,

Once they were finished their constructions they painted them up.

Once finished the girls modeled their creations

Apologies girls, I didn’t manage to fit pictures of everyone here.


The Vikings Clay boats and Jewelery

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Teacher: Anita Brennan, Trina Canning

Class: 3rd class , 4th class

School: Loreto Senior

The class were learning about the vikings. After looking at lots of images of Vikiing boats on the interactive white board the girls made models of the boats using clay , sticks and paper.

The girls in 3rd class looked all types of jewelery and fasteners worn by the vikings and did some thumbnail sketches of their own ideas incorporating elements from The Vikings and ideas of their own.

They used clay, gold foil, cat gut and textures from around the classroom.


“Charlie And The Chocolate Factory”

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

School: Loreto Senior Crumlin

Class : 6th

Teacher: Avril McKeon

Sixth Class were reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in class.The girls began by brain storming ideas and images from the story. This could be the actual building or ideas from the different rooms within the factory.

We started by collecting a large range of found objects. Buttons, pipe cleaners, string, cotton buds, heavy card, lolly sticks, discs, wool plastic spoons, anything really that would act as a raised surface on the page.

The girls used the found objects to create their scene from the story.

Using gold foil which was actually Cadburys chocolate foil sourced in ReCreate the girls covered their sheets of card with the raised images. They very carefully pressed down on the sheets so as to highlight any of the raised elements.

Then we strung them together in groups for display.