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Circle Of Friends

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Circle of friends

I have been working with our 1st class for five weeks. We decided to concentrate on the theme friendship. The teacher and myself decided that a lot of time for self- directed play and an element of circle time were incorporated to the design of the programme.

Before the session the teacher read a story about worry dolls. The class retold the story back to me we discussed what the dolls do with our worries and what people might say to their dolls and that it was ok to keep this private

We made the worry dolls using

Pipe cleaners, Paper, Tape, Wool, Fabric.

The class enjoyed winding the wool around the body shape to make clothes.

Session 2 and 3

We reflected on the previous week and then introduced the ideas that friends can also help with your worries. The class shared ideas about how friendship can make us happy, we discussed how everyone has different ways of being a friend.

The activity.

We made paper-chain dolls, They decorated one as themselves and all the others represented all their friends.All the chains were joined together and displayed as a circle of friends all around the classroom walls. As the class was doing this activity they spontaneously began to sing the song they knew called

Dem bone Dem bones. Goldenbridge, 1st class.

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

1st class were looking at Anthony Gormleys work on body shape.

We looked at a piece that was made from a person lying down in the rain and getting up to leave a dry shape of a person on the ground.We collected dry sticks and leaves that we made body shapes with. The class placed the sticks around one person and filled the shape with coloured leaves.

The class enjoyed the element of play so we thought a way to continue the theme would be to change to non- organic shapes and colours.

We repeated the workshop in the classroom with the toys and lego found around the school.

The children filled the body shapes with coloured materials. We made an image of body shapes around the floor. The children used the rest of the materials to make more images.

The next step was to concentrate around what was inside the body so we worked with paper to make skeleton shapes. The skeletons were made on the classroom floor and the children pretended it was a graveyard.

pictures from projects 2010

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

sixth class,  observational Chalk and charcoal drawings of new school being built.

paintings on canvas from drawings.

loreto seinior primary 6th class

Monday, December 5th, 2011

The class spent three weeks learning different techniques with clay, it started with making coil pots in response to their projects on the  Ancient Greeks.This moved into clay slab pot’s then finally the class made dove of peace for another classmate to be displayed at their confirmation.

whole school approach first class

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

The three weeks were based around the story of the far away tree.

we began by drawing our dream worlds on to tables covered with paper.the class then used clay to continue  to play .

the second session we made puppet versions of characters that live in these places and drew a large image of a tree with spaces for all the class to add a door which opened like a advent calendar.

The final session the tree was divided up into sections and each table had an area to color with oil pastilles. when all sections were reassembled a wash of light paint was sponged on.

these characters were used for play on the class tree.

This work was also used for the classes work around national book week.

5th class January to March

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

For the first session with 5th class we

played a symbolism game .

If she was a fruit,car, room, color, weather what would she be?

using objects or place to describe other class mates.

Everybody had the name of someone else in the class which they kept a secret .

They drew images from the list of descriptions, this worked as a portrait of that person.

A card box template was made and painted with images from the game. then varnished in P.V.A glue .

The inside of the box was decorated with wishes and hopes for that person.

Some of the class made letters and envelopes some made clay objects.

Finally the boxes were glued up and given to each other.


We made texture boards with string bubble wrap and model magic. some created and image some just experimented with texture. we rolled printing inks on to the surface and printed on to different colored paper. some worked some didint.

The printing was then approached in a more experimental way . The selection of materials were inked up and printed straight on to paper.

1st class city scape

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Here are some portraits done by 1st class after visiting the portrait room at the National Gallery in Dublinmy friend opposite me

they then used charcoal to draw themselves

The children drew and made their walk to school in the same way the 4th class did,though we continued it in a different way. The class painted a background for the walk to school and set up a space in the class room for the mini town. I enlarged photocopied and enlarged the images onto A3 size paper, The children drew themselves in to the picture and coloured in the buildings.

the projects needed a change so on session four we painted. everyone had their own pallet and mix as many different couolrs as they could find then painted what ever they liked.

Whole school approach 3rd class

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Whole school approach is three sessions where the emphasis is on working with the teacher to initiate a project which can be continued .I wanted to encourage group work and play to these sessions because the class size was small and there was space on the floor for us to work around one sheet of paper.

everyone designed a new planet based and aliens that lived there. Then they worked out way of travelling to eachothers planets so they all connected up

The aliens were then made out of clay and painted, during this session theclass gave their alien a superpower and a problem. They had to work out ways of solving eachothers problems out using the superpowers.

Grracma”s story

My creatures name is grracma.He is red and Blue.His super power is that he can cure blindness he has the egg-pox which is a highly dangerous problemon his home planet .that is called the all access planet.

by Erica Byrne

forth class walk to school

Monday, October 13th, 2008

we divided class in to three groups. Then drew a central shape to represent te school in the middle of the table. The idea was to draw the route you take to school weather it be by foot car or bus. The drawings looked like a birds eye view.

To add a 3-dimetional element to our tiny town we made buildings. we used air drying clay, I did a clay warm up with the class to get a colection of basic clay shapes, which were joined together to create new structures.

Construction trees using card was the next development which added strong colour and more height.

The three groups joined together their maps and began making up stories about what happend on their fictional walk to school

scenery for the puppet stories

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Lorreto School Junior infants class.

Each table chose a theme for their part of the story, the children were given pencils and paper to draw a picture based on the theme. I collaged the pictures together and photocopied each groups drawing on to acetate. this was then projected on to large pieces of paper. children’s pictures were that way enlarged.using

oilpastilles the children coloured the pictures.

the themes chosen were, The Park, Outer space, In The Night and The princess castle.

We used these to create our story.

The next week we visited The Irish Museum Of Modern Art . After seeing the galleries we played some group work games outside. We started with chinese whispers and pass the sentence . then conentrated on making a story using our themes.

The Princess In The Night. By Miss Rooneys Junior Infants.Room 14

once upon a time there was a wicked Fairy,

She made a spell that broke the princess Castle.

In the night room14 were out walking and met an Alien, He took them to Outer space.

They met the king Alien who told them a spell to mend the castle.

They landed back in the park and all shouted out the spell.

The castle was fixed and the princess was very happy.

By week seven we started making the front  of the set for our show.

We used stripes of torn coloured sugar paper ,glued on to cardboard and then drawing were added.

each scene used different colours of paper.