Berries and Leaves

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1794  1799

School: St. James

Class 1st

teacher :Ms Bell

Following our trip to Botanical Gardens i brought in a selection of leaves and berries. The children spent time examining my collection. They looked at all the varying shades of greens, yellows, reds, pinks and purples. We looked at the delicate patterns that made up the veins of the leaves. We smelt rosemary , thyme and bay leaves. Some of the smells triggered memories in some of the children, this opened up a whole new conversation about grannies and grandads!!

1211 1216

Using white oil pastel the children made drawings of their favourite leaves from my collection

1230 1237

1224 1246

we talked about how we had mixed so many colours in our painting workshop, the children then added colour to their drawings, mixing along the way.

1245 1244

1250 1249

1243 1248

1242 1241

we also looked at the giant Rhubarb leaf , some of the children remembered the giant leaves by the pond in the botanical gardens.

The children then used chalk pastels and gold insulating foam to create their own giant leaves.

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