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10 week Block

School: Warrenmount

Class: 6th Class

Teacher : Ms O’ Reilly

Early in September we went to The Sculpture in Context exhibition at the Botanical Gardens . We were treated to a beautiful day of sunshine and a feast for the eyes and mind with all the brilliant art works dotted throughout the gardens.

clay insects botanical gardens 2019 051  clay insects botanical gardens 2019 050  clay insects botanical gardens 2019 048

clay insects botanical gardens 2019 042  clay insects botanical gardens 2019 029clay insects botanical gardens 2019 043

clay insects botanical gardens 2019 028 clay insects botanical gardens 2019 109 clay insects botanical gardens 2019 122

we noticed all the different materials being used to create the different art works, we talked about how the artist might have made the work . some of the work on show was made from found natural objects like sticks, stones, and straw, we also discussed what tools the artist may have used to carve the different types of stone  or how the artist might cast in bronze.

We noticed that many of the artworks on show were based on nature and birds. Back at the classroom we began our intensive study of birds.

We began by drawing in pencil.

IMG_5769  IMG_5768

1726 1698

1724  1700

1708 1692

1710 1720

We then worked on black card using oil pastels. I encouraged the girls to mix their pastels and use colour to work on a bird that best represented themselves rather than a bird you may see in an Irish garden. I brought in some photographs from the exhibition along with some pencil line drawings of birds.

1633  1635 1634

The girls worked using white oil pastels first and then added colour.

1658  1682

1669 1677

1668  1673

1675 1685

birds  1660

Some of the girls also experimented with water colour.

IMG_5780 IMG_5774

IMG_5794 IMG_5784


we talked about the birds we see on an everyday basis. The birds we may see on our way to school . Birds lining up on electricity lines and silhouettes of birds in the trees.

1751  1745

I asked the girls to keep an eye out for these birds on their way to school. To look carefully at their surroundings and see if they noticed new things. The following week one of the girls arrived in and told me that on her way to school she had stopped to take some photographs  on her phone of the silhouettes of birds in a tree!!!!

we made some quick sketches of silhouettes of birds on braches

1728 1737

1736 1727

1733 1734

using clay , wire and mod roc the girls then made small birds which they’d use in their own sculptural piece. They also made some which would be used in a collaborative piece.

091  090


I asked the girls to bring in some branches and sticks  that they would use to make their own sculptural piece based on the silhouette of birds.

IMG_5589  IMG_5604

IMG_5600  IMG_5593

the girls used wools in different ways to transform their branches

IMG_5606 IMG_5638

some chose brightly coloured wools while others stuck to the cool and icey winter colours

IMG_5614  IMG_5612

IMG_5620  IMG_5598 - Copy

IMG_5597 IMG_5595

IMG_5594 IMG_5613

we looked at how the lines of the wool wrapped their way around the branches. the girls focused on the shape and direction of the lines to make more drawings.

IMG_5631  IMG_5658

IMG_5649 IMG_5635

IMG_5650 IMG_5644

IMG_5661 IMG_5660

IMG_5663  IMG_5666


For the final workshop parents were invited in to work alongside the girls

IMG_5844 IMG_5845

IMG_5885 IMG_5862

IMG_5860 IMG_5874





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