Class Trip To DRAIOCHT ARTS CENTRE, Blanchardstown

           We visited an exhibition entitled “Artist’s Proof” at Draiocht Arts Centre

MARCH 2010

Who went: Mater Dei: Ms. Maxwell and her senior infant class

                       Warrenmount: Ms. Ring and her first class  



Fifteen graphic studio Dublin artists and nine invited artists were asked to document the process of making a fine art print for this exhibition,including keeping working proofs.


The Children had a tour of the exhibition and had a chance to see the different stages of making a fine art print.


They also spent time making drawings from the exhibition. We used carbon paper sandwiched between two sheets of A4 paper to make the drawings. This meant that the carbon paper made a simple print of their drawings on the back sheet of paper.




Several of the children loved Dublin based artist Elaine Leaders’ etching entitled “Excavation” and made drawings of their own in response.



Katherine Van Uytrecht was also a popular choice for the children



Then we all took a tour of the theatre space and went back stage!!


We visited the green room and the dressing rooms. Sarah the educational officer from Draiocht explained how everything works both on and off the stage.



The children finished off their tour of Draiocht by having their lunch and taking a quick look at the huge mosaic piece which is permanently on display inside the foyer of Draiocht.

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