School: Mater Dei N.S.

Class: First Class

Teacher: Ms. Cosgrove

After spending seven weeks working with first class we invited the childrens parents and guardians into the school to take part in a workshop with their child. I talked to the children and their parents about the links that they make with people throughout their lives. The very first link a child will have, will be to its parents and family, as they grow they develop links with neighbours and friends and then links are formed with teachers and their school. We all continue to form links with others throughout our lives. All these links are so important to all of us and make us who we are.


Using willow and wire the children and their parents made circles and linked them together like a chain.


Then the children started to link their willow chains up with eachother.


Everyone left the classroom and carried the willow chain down to the school garden.


We hung our chain of willow between the trees.



From now on when we see this chain of willow hanging in the garden, we’ll think about our family and friends and all those people who care about us.


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