Oil Pastels: Further exploration of colour and line

Warrenmount National School,  First class
Teacher: Ms. Ring
Feb 23rd 2010


Up to this point the boys and girls from first class had explored colour in depth. From mixing paints directly on the page and discovering how many new colours they could create, to working over these paintings with oil pastels and chalk pastels. They had reached a point where they were totally confident in their use of colour and continued to be excited by the creation of new colours.

For this lesson we used oil pastels and A4 black card. The instructions were simple:

 “using the pastels divide up your page using a series of lines and shapes.You can also make patterns if you wish. Concentrate on mixing new colours, leaning hard on your pastel (to achieve depth of colour) and looking at how the lines you draw affect each other.These lines can be horizontal, vertical diagonal, curved. Make sure to fill the complete page with these lines and patterns.”

 Immediatly the children took all these directions on board and set to work.

Initally the A4 cards once finshed were to be cut up and used for another project but as the children got stuck in it was very clear that they had reached a new level of confidence in themselves and the materials they were using.


The work created by the children was so gorgeous that myself and Ms. Ring decided not to cut them up this time!!!


The children concentrated on layering colour over colour.



 and curved lines


We put all the images together to create a patchwork quilt.


Finally Ms. Ring laminated all the finished art works and we displayed them in frames along the corridor outside the classroom.



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