Circle Of Friends

Circle of friends

I have been working with our 1st class for five weeks. We decided to concentrate on the theme friendship. The teacher and myself decided that a lot of time for self- directed play and an element of circle time were incorporated to the design of the programme.

Before the session the teacher read a story about worry dolls. The class retold the story back to me we discussed what the dolls do with our worries and what people might say to their dolls and that it was ok to keep this private

We made the worry dolls using

Pipe cleaners, Paper, Tape, Wool, Fabric.

The class enjoyed winding the wool around the body shape to make clothes.

Session 2 and 3

We reflected on the previous week and then introduced the ideas that friends can also help with your worries. The class shared ideas about how friendship can make us happy, we discussed how everyone has different ways of being a friend.

The activity.

We made paper-chain dolls, They decorated one as themselves and all the others represented all their friends.All the chains were joined together and displayed as a circle of friends all around the classroom walls. As the class was doing this activity they spontaneously began to sing the song they knew called

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