Dem bone Dem bones. Goldenbridge, 1st class.

1st class were looking at Anthony Gormleys work on body shape.

We looked at a piece that was made from a person lying down in the rain and getting up to leave a dry shape of a person on the ground.We collected dry sticks and leaves that we made body shapes with. The class placed the sticks around one person and filled the shape with coloured leaves.

The class enjoyed the element of play so we thought a way to continue the theme would be to change to non- organic shapes and colours.

We repeated the workshop in the classroom with the toys and lego found around the school.

The children filled the body shapes with coloured materials. We made an image of body shapes around the floor. The children used the rest of the materials to make more images.

The next step was to concentrate around what was inside the body so we worked with paper to make skeleton shapes. The skeletons were made on the classroom floor and the children pretended it was a graveyard.

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