Junior infants puppet show.

using a selection of shapes cut out of card the children made small people,which they stuck together with double sided tape and then decorated. The children played with the characters which lead onto drawing abackdrop for the puppets to play in.

the puppets encouraged group work and play

princess at play

2 Responses to “ Junior infants puppet show. ”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Hi Genevieve!The website is great!:) thank you for all the wonderful work you did with my children, they really enjoyed it and so did I. x

  2. Chelsea & Jade Says:

    Hi Genevieve! Its Jade From Ms.Murrays’s 4th Class & Chelsea From Ms.Sheridans 4th Class!!
    You were Working with me Jade last year in 2007! and working with Chelsea this Year!

    Chelsea: Hi,Its Chelsea I have you this year,in Avril Sheridans Class & i am really enjoying working with you,I cannot believe our time with you will be finished on Tuesday! I am So upset! Bye Seeya On Tuesday Your Last Day)

    Jade: Hey Genevieve! Its Jade Here From Ms.Murrays 4th Class (orla murray) You worked With me Last year and i really truly enjoyed it! I especially liked when we made our own worlds on the big brown sheets and my favourite part was doing the puppet show and going to I.M.M.A (irish museum of modern art) Thankyou Sooo Much For working with me and my class! I wish You were still here!

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