scenery for the puppet stories

Lorreto School Junior infants class.

Each table chose a theme for their part of the story, the children were given pencils and paper to draw a picture based on the theme. I collaged the pictures together and photocopied each groups drawing on to acetate. this was then projected on to large pieces of paper. children’s pictures were that way enlarged.using

oilpastilles the children coloured the pictures.

the themes chosen were, The Park, Outer space, In The Night and The princess castle.

We used these to create our story.

The next week we visited The Irish Museum Of Modern Art . After seeing the galleries we played some group work games outside. We started with chinese whispers and pass the sentence . then conentrated on making a story using our themes.

The Princess In The Night. By Miss Rooneys Junior Infants.Room 14

once upon a time there was a wicked Fairy,

She made a spell that broke the princess Castle.

In the night room14 were out walking and met an Alien, He took them to Outer space.

They met the king Alien who told them a spell to mend the castle.

They landed back in the park and all shouted out the spell.

The castle was fixed and the princess was very happy.

By week seven we started making the frontĀ  of the set for our show.

We used stripes of torn coloured sugar paper ,glued on to cardboard and then drawing were added.

each scene used different colours of paper.

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