Whole school approach 3rd class

Whole school approach is three sessions where the emphasis is on working with the teacher to initiate a project which can be continued .I wanted to encourage group work and play to these sessions because the class size was small and there was space on the floor for us to work around one sheet of paper.

everyone designed a new planet based and aliens that lived there. Then they worked out way of travelling to eachothers planets so they all connected up

The aliens were then made out of clay and painted, during this session theclass gave their alien a superpower and a problem. They had to work out ways of solving eachothers problems out using the superpowers.

Grracma”s story

My creatures name is grracma.He is red and Blue.His super power is that he can cure blindness he has the egg-pox which is a highly dangerous problemon his home planet .that is called the all access planet.

by Erica Byrne

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