Loreto Junior


Mr. Meagher’s Second Class


Second class were exploring space and planets when I began working with them every Monday morning in September.

I thought that it might be good to have space helmets for their exploration.

They began by drawing self-portraits so we could use these drawings as a base for our space helmet design.

img_7042-copy img_7045-copy img_7041-copy

They designed their helmets by making charcoal drawings on transparent paper over their portraits.

img_7056-copy img_7064-copy img_7071-copy

img_7310 img_7308

As they were designing them they discussed how they would eat, breathe and communicate in them.

Using silver space material they made their helmets. They put in lots of buttons that had many functions.

img_7312-copy img_7313-copy 2


When their helmets were finished they put them on and sent each other space messages. Someone whispered a space message to the next person in the circle using their speaking tubes and then they passed it on, (like Chinese whispers) but theirs were space whispers.


2 3

At the end each person had to write down what they heard.

They made collage about their space travel in their helmets.

img_7990-copy img_7991-copy img_7995-copy

img_8000-copy  img_8010-copy .


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