Cloud Soft Sculptures

Fifth Class

Loreto Crumlin.

Teacher Ms. O’Brien

The teacher was interested in the children working with fabric, so we decided to explore soft sculpture. I looked at the other areas that the children were exploring in class. They were listening to traditional Irish music, learning tunes on the tin whistle, and looking at our culture. From this I decided we would look at our island, Ireland and where it is situated and it’s climate. We began by looking at a map of Ireland and discussing the weather. So clouds came up as a theme.

The children began by drawing cloud shapes and were shown how to make a paper pattern from these. They really enjoyed the process of each stage. They began to talk about how clothes are made. Sewing was a new experience for most of the children.

When they had the fabric clouds made they created a list of words for different cloudy weather, foggy, spitting rain, soft day etc. Using other materials they changed the textures and added materials to make different types of clouds.

They really enjoyed the challenge of sewing as they did find it difficult but persisted.

Finally when the clouds were made they played around with projecting video images and adding sound using the class whiteboard. Some of the sounds came from traditional music they had been listening to.

Stills from videos.

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