Developing ideas from 2d to 3d, Presentation,Warrenmount.

First Class

Teacher Ms. O’Shea.

Group clay work

I had this class last year. It was great to notice that they had retained all the confidence in their creative skills. They requested clay as they had done some last year. We began with slab building and they had no problems working together and developing ideas.

I decided that we would develop ideas through drawing and make these into 3d work.I asked them to bring in their teddies. They made drawing first and then made them in clay.


The teacher was interested in making puppets.

I gave the children out skewers, polystyrene balls and white fabric. We discussed characters for their puppets.

They made drawings of their characters and planned their puppets.

When they made their puppets they used their drawings to refer to. This worked really well as they weren’t tempted to use every new material and be overly influenced by each other.


The following week they worked in groups of three to build puppet theatres.

During the next session they continued building their theatres in groups. The also printed patterns on fabric for the curtains.

Leonora Carrington at IMMA

I showed the children a slideshow of mythological creatures. Using folded coloured paper they cut and tore shapes then collaged these together to create their own mythological creatures.

A visit to Leonora Carrington at the Irish Museum of Modern Art

The following week we went to visit the Leonora Carrington exhibition. In her paintings there are a lot of strange creatures. The children were very interested in these dreamlike paintings and enjoyed discussing them.

Parent and child session

We showed a slideshow to the parents of Leonora Carrington’s paintings. The children brought out their mythological creatures. Each parent and chid got a box to create an environment around the creature. They used collage.

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