Exploring Colour

St. James’s P.S.

First and third class have been exploring colour over four weeks. They began by using paint on tissue paper. They mixed the paint with enough water so that it would ‘bleed’. The longer they held the brush on the paper the bigger the blot became. Blots joined up and created new colours.

Third class.

First class.

Using a pallet of two red, two yellows and two blues the children painted colour wheels including secondary colours.

Using primary colours the children made long paintings working together. Each child got a primary colour to work with. Each child had to join up their picture with the child/children beside them. They had to join up both the shapes and lines and mix their colours together. The idea was that the space between the child with red and the child with blue would have another painting in purple. The purple nearer the red would more red in it and bluer when it was nearer the blue person. The change was to be gradual. There was great discussion as the children negotiated with each other on lines, shapes and colours.

This is what came out of it.

First class

First class worked over the group painting in chalk pastels when the paint had dried.

Third Class.

Warm and cool colours

The children looked at the colour wheels and discussed what are warm and cool colours. Interesting ideas came up. Red, orange and yellow warm colours, blue green and purple cool colours. But are they? What about a reddy purple? Is that warm or cool?

Using coloured tissue paper and pva glue the children layered the paper on cardboard choosing either warm or cool colours. They decided that if you were creating warm colours you could still use cool colours and make them warm by mixing other colours over them by layering the coloured tissue paper.

First Class

Third Class

For the final session the children invited parents and guardians in to share in the project. Some children’s parents were not able to make it.

The warm and cool cardboard pieces were folded into little boxes. These became ‘stage sets’. With their parents or on their own they made worlds in their boxes.

Cool forests and hot holiday scenes and lots of exciting worlds were created. They used coloured paper, oil pastels, markers and cardboard.

First Class


Third Class


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