First class

17 Boys and girls

Our Lady of Lourdes N.S.

Autumn term 10 week block

During the first three sessions the children were introduced to a variety of media to explore. The teacher and I observed and decided from this what the project should consist of.

Theme – Place

 Painting – The children began exploring the medium of paint. They were given a pallet of primary colours and also crimson, lemon, and prussian to work with. White was added later. There was plenty of white paper available. I encouraged exploration by asking questions such as – What happens if you wet the paper? What happens if you put wet colours beside each other? I also encouraged them to talk about what they were doing. We finished the session by discussing different kinds of places – warm places and cool places and what colours would you see there. Each child made a painting of a place they had imagined using colour to describe that place. Their photographs were taken by the teacher during the week, printed and cut out for the next session.

During the following session the children used their photographs to put themselves into the places they had created in paint and added to it using oil pastel. 



A Trip to an Exhibition

The Botanic Gardens, Sculpture in Context.

The gardens were a great place to explore place through all our senses, the steamy hot houses with the strong smell of plants, the warm dry glass houses with cactuses and outside, trees and plants to touch and smell. The exhibition ‘Sculpture in Context’ was showing in the gardens so we could see how artists’ responded to the gardens. An overwhelming experience! 


Creating a garden in the classroom.

The children discussed what they saw the week before in the Botanic Gardens and drew from their memories.

Using moss, sticks, stones, mirrors, paint and plasticine the children created a large garden down one side of the classroom.

Admiring the view         


The children made a large group drawing from their garden and memories of their visit to the Botanic Gardens. 

On the last session we invited parents to come and see an exhibition of the children’s work and also to work with their children. They discussed a place they would like to be in and what they would like to do together in that place and made it in clay.


What worked – Working with natural materials, stones, sticks, heather, bracken, gave the children an opportunity to explore further their senses that they used on the visit to the Botanic Gardens – smells, textures and colours.

What didn’t work – Very little except maybe keeping the garden in the class intact as they played with it whenever they had opportunity!  



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