Characters from their Novel ” Serefina and the Twisted Self”

January 19th, 2017

199   196

Making their initial drawings in black marker, the children then used patterned wall papers and oil pastel to their drawings of their favourite character.

194  185

197  192

191 190

186 193

188  187


Painting with Card— Exploring Colour and Line

January 19th, 2017

IMG_6200 IMG_6208

IMG_6207   064

Our Lady Of The Wayside , Bluebell

Class: 4th

Teacher: Mr. Dillon

we began by rolling out large lengths of paper. the paints were squeezed in layers at the bottom of the paper.

the children used squares  of heavy card to scrape the paint up the page. This was an exhilarating experience for the children. paint brushes were not allowed for this painting session so they had to explore many possibilities of making their mark.

IMG_6214 IMG_6207

IMG_6206  IMG_6208

they used smaller pieces of card to create bridges and pattern.

IMG_6209  IMG_6213

once the paint was dry they added more detail with chalk pastels.


Reworking the painting using the chalk pastels added a whole new dimension to the finished work.

Together they created the most wonderful and interesting cityscape.

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069  067

066  065

064  063

062  061







Exploring Leaf Pattern

January 19th, 2017

IMG_6239  IMG_6234

Our Lady Of Lourdes, Goldenbridge,

Class :Senior Infants

Teacher: Ms O’Dwyer

we started by taking a stroll around the school and collecting leaves. the children closely examined the leaves and made pencil drawings of their veins.

IMG_6242  IMG_6240

IMG_6233 IMG_6225

IMG_6243  IMG_6241

Watercolour paints were used for colour and gold insulation for pattern and texture.

IMG_6238  IMG_6237

IMG_6236  IMG_6235

IMG_6230  IMG_6234


The Super Moon

January 19th, 2017

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ooo  000

Our Lady of The Wayside, Bluebell

Class 6th

Teacher: Mr. Brett

This year, the full moons of October, November and December all took place when the moon was at its closet point of approach in its orbit around Earth. The moon reached peak fullness around December 14th.. This led to investigation into the planets in our solar system.

the children worked as a group creating their own planets in chalk pastel on black paper.

166    165

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161   162

using materials from ReCreate they also constructed spaceships and rockets

081   083

084   082


Parent and child workshops

January 19th, 2017

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101 096

Our Lady of Lourdes, Goldenbridge

Our Lady of the Wayside, Bluebell

The children and parents began by cutting down the gold and silver insulation into small squares.

They created patterns using the squares and made links between the patterns.

106 104

107 105

They then dyed the salt using coloured chalks.

083  135


once they had prepared enough colours , they added the salt to their patterned work.

142 136

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Sculpture in Context @ The Botanical Gardens 2016

January 19th, 2017

piano lady in the tree

fox  hot house
Our Lady of Lourdes, Goldenbridge

Our Lady of the Wayside, Bluebell



weave  089 091 070 041 092 water examin

This years tour of the sculptural exhibition at the  Botanical Gardens did not fail to impress the children

fox  050

“Urban Safari” by Brian Byrne and Eoin Byrne

The fox and her cubs opened up conversations with the children about the wild animals that roam our city at night.

041 040

“Sleeping Rough, A resting Place” by Irene Plazewska

The senior infant class form Goldenbridge were very insightful when examining the sculpture above. we talked about homelessness on the streets of our city and how sometimes you would walk past someone who was sleeping on the streets and perhaps not notice that they were there, as they may be camoflaged  with cardboard and hidden from view, just like the grassy mound in this sculpture hides the resting people.

111 109 102

The children loved the vegetable garden and were lucky to spot the family of turtles who are permanent residents of the pond area.

081 079

Examining, discussing,  playing , resting and exploring was all part of our day out.

082 076 100

It was the perfect and we all returned to school feeling very inspired

112  097 091 112

045 070 107 lady in the tree



November 15th, 2016

Loreto Junior


Mr. Meagher’s Second Class


Second class were exploring space and planets when I began working with them every Monday morning in September.

I thought that it might be good to have space helmets for their exploration.

They began by drawing self-portraits so we could use these drawings as a base for our space helmet design.

img_7042-copy img_7045-copy img_7041-copy

They designed their helmets by making charcoal drawings on transparent paper over their portraits.

img_7056-copy img_7064-copy img_7071-copy

img_7310 img_7308

As they were designing them they discussed how they would eat, breathe and communicate in them.

Using silver space material they made their helmets. They put in lots of buttons that had many functions.

img_7312-copy img_7313-copy 2


When their helmets were finished they put them on and sent each other space messages. Someone whispered a space message to the next person in the circle using their speaking tubes and then they passed it on, (like Chinese whispers) but theirs were space whispers.


2 3

At the end each person had to write down what they heard.

They made collage about their space travel in their helmets.

img_7990-copy img_7991-copy img_7995-copy

img_8000-copy  img_8010-copy .


Watching out for Spring

March 16th, 2016

Fourth Class, Loreto Senior Crumlin.

Teacher, Ms. Bennett.

Fourth class began their Creativity in the Classroom sessions on the 1st of February, St.Brigid’s Day. Ms. Bennett and I decided to visit the local park during one of their sessions.

Although we celebrate the beginning of Spring on St. Brigid’s day there was not much sign of it.


We decided to do some observation of nature to prepare the children for the park.

We began drawing from evergreen leaves dried insects. The children used magnifying glasses to look at the patterns in the leaves and insects. This was their first experience of drawing from observation and their response was very positive.


They make print blocks from foam and card. They cut out the shape in the foam and used pen to incise the lines. In groups they made leaf pattern prints.


From their insect drawings they each made a mono-print.

Working Outdoors.

Finally we got a lovely day to go down to the park to work. We began by working out the directions 0f a compass. The children marked in North, South, East and West on the ground using sticks.

Then everyone faced north, closed their eyes and used their senses to feel what it is like. Could they feel the sun? Could they feel the wind on their cheeks? What could they hear? What could they see?

The children were then encouraged to find their own spot and face each direction and write a poem. They were given a structure to help write the poem. This is from a lovely book of outdoor education by Chris Holland, “I Love my World”

We looked at the views from all directions. There are a variety of trees in the park. They were still leafless. We discussed the patterns and shapes in the branches.

They made large drawings using pens tied to the end of sticks.

During the next session in school the children were introduced to charcoal. They spent time trying out different marks and tones.

We looked at trees on the internet and then each child drew a tree in charcoal.

During these weeks signs of Spring were beginning to arrive. Birds were gathering twigs in the school grounds for nesting although the trees were still bare.

The children made papier mache nests. The following week the nests were dry. This was the final session so parents were invited in to work with their children to make birds and eggs for the nests. They used collage and markers. There was a lovely atmosphere of working together.



Cloud Soft Sculptures

March 4th, 2016

Fifth Class

Loreto Crumlin.

Teacher Ms. O’Brien

The teacher was interested in the children working with fabric, so we decided to explore soft sculpture. I looked at the other areas that the children were exploring in class. They were listening to traditional Irish music, learning tunes on the tin whistle, and looking at our culture. From this I decided we would look at our island, Ireland and where it is situated and it’s climate. We began by looking at a map of Ireland and discussing the weather. So clouds came up as a theme.

The children began by drawing cloud shapes and were shown how to make a paper pattern from these. They really enjoyed the process of each stage. They began to talk about how clothes are made. Sewing was a new experience for most of the children.

When they had the fabric clouds made they created a list of words for different cloudy weather, foggy, spitting rain, soft day etc. Using other materials they changed the textures and added materials to make different types of clouds.

They really enjoyed the challenge of sewing as they did find it difficult but persisted.

Finally when the clouds were made they played around with projecting video images and adding sound using the class whiteboard. Some of the sounds came from traditional music they had been listening to.

Stills from videos.

Third and Fourth Class, Loreto Crumlin Senior

January 27th, 2016

Teacher Ms. Murray

24 pupils

Our eight sessions with each class begin with the artist and teacher meeting to find themes and materials to explore with the children. Themes are often one that they are also studying in other subjects.

This ensures that the Creativity in the Classroom programme is unique to each classroom group. As the weeks go on the teacher and artist evaluate each session and decide the direction the programme should go according to this. One of the sessions includes a visit out of school to a museum or gallery. The museum visit also informs us on themes and materials. We invite parents in to view the children’s work and join them in creating work together in the final session.

The beginnings

We began looking at the balcony area off the classroom as a space. It was not being used and Ms. Murray was interested in developing ideas to make this space more interesting. The Creativity in the Classroom programme is not product based but we do explore ideas and materials and in this exploration we have products. Some ideas work and others don’t – trying things out and not being afraid is so important to the programme where children learn to believe in themselves and their ideas. We spend a lot of time discussing each other’s ideas.

The class were also going to study the Aztecs. We began with a slide show looking at two themes – Balcony gardening and the Aztec calendar Sunstone.


The balcony is enclosed so we thought we could bring the sun into the area. We began by looking at patterns in the Sunstone. The children tried out a variety of patterns in oil pastels.

Then they worked in pairs to make a sun pattern. Pair work encourages the children to discuss, listen and compromise.

We brought in waste materials to recycle and use to make planters. We discussed what the plants would need, soil, water and somewhere for the water to drain.

The children explored the materials in a very creative way and we ended up with lots of ideas some practical and others not so practical, all productive in terms of children learning and thinking.  At the end we looked at each other’s ideas to see what we could make that would work for plants.

The children worked on grid paper too work out patterns to hang the bottles on the grid block work of the balcony. We had 24 bottles so the had to find a pattern to fit in 24 squares. Lots of maths to be explored! Finally the bottles were planted with seeds and hung in place. The children are tending the seeds and waiting to see the first signs of growth.

Sun God

We worked with materials that would survive outdoors to create a Sun God. The children explore pattern and shape using wire. They added colour by wrapping the wire in wool and weaving with the wool. Each child explored their own ideas and techniques and shared with the others. Plastic piping was used to create an ‘almost’ circular structure.

During final session before our Christmas holidays we looked at images of New Grange and how our ancestors worshiped the sun. To celebrate the winter solstice the children each made their own suns to take home.

Nick Miller and the Studio of Edward McGuire

We planned to take the children the Nick Miller and the Studio of Edward McGuire at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

During the session before the visit the children explored portraits using props.

The children began the IMMA visit looking at the contents of Edward McGuire’s studio. Then looking at the paintings they enjoyed finding props in the paintings they recognised from the studio. They quickly began to distinguish Nick Miller’s paintings to Edward McGuire’s. It was a wonderful exhibition to explore how different painters explore the same subject.

Finally the parents were invited in to view a slide show of the children’s work. The children explained the work. We did not get many parents – many of them were working but it is always good to have visitors for the children introduce their work to and it gives them time to focus on their experiences.

The children who had parents work on a collage of the child’s life story together. In the collage they shared stories of special occasions and people. The other children worked on their life story collages on their own.

These collages were then photographed and the images projected on to the faces of the parents and children and photographed again.