Term 1 2008 (3 week Block) Warrenmount – Fabric & Fibre

Warrenmount – Fabric & Fibre

We decided to work with fabric and fibre to create a forest of trees and shrubs. Children looked at different leaf shapes and twigs and made really beautiful drawings from these.


They then created abstract trees made from pebbles and twigs by making a collage then by drawing around the objects.


They used charcoal and soft pastels and smudged the colours together to create images that were quite 3 dimensional.


The children were then given a mixture of collage materials of varied textures such as paper, card, cloth, doilies, beads, tin foil and wire and were asked to recreate their trees they had drawn.





These materials were stuck down PVA for the lighter materials and a glue gun for the heavier materials. The children were asked to discuss the many ways of creating an image of a tree or a forest.


 Term 1 2008 (3 week Block) Mater Dei – Clay

Children were given a small lump of clay and asked to make different shapes to help gain confidence in working with this material.



They were then asked to look at and discuss the different dwellings of animals in a forest. Using clay, twigs and pebbles, children were asked to recreate the dwellings, making the animals too.




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