Miniture Sculptures inspired by Alberto Giacometti

School: Loreto Senior

Class: 5th class

Teacher : Aoife Hogan

February 2014

The children had been learning about the famine and had made a visit down to the famine ship in the docklands. Here they saw the Famine Memorial by Dublin sculptor Rowan Gillespie. The elongated forms used to depict the famine victims reminded me of the work of Alberto Giacometti, back at the classroom Aoife and the children began their research on Giacometti.

We started our first session talking about things that the girls liked to do, gymnastics, drawing, listening to music and relaxing were just some of their likes. The girls began by making thumbnail drawings of themselves doing different activities. I asked them to keep their drawings very simple, almost like matchstick men, and to elongate the limbs within their drawings inspired by both Gillespie and Giacometti. They concentrated on the line and the form of the body. Then they had to decide which drawing to make into a miniature sculpture of their own.

The materials the girls used to make their sculptures started out with paper straws, pipe cleaners, tin foil and lots and lots of masking tape.

They formed their shapes using the paper straws and pipe cleaners and tin foil. Then taped them well to a heavy square of card.

A layer of mod roc was also used to help make them more stable and to create a solid finish.

Once everything was fully dry the girls finished off their sculptures with a coat of gold paint

Then we took out the charcoal once again and made drawings of the finished work.


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