Camouflage and Fairies,First Class, James,s P.S.

Teacher Ms. Smith

Artist Liz McMahon

As we were going to visit Sculpture in Context in the Botanic Gardens for our third session I thought it would be interesting to play with ideas of scale to prepare for discussing the sculptures.

I began with drawing with the class. The children tried lots of different marks with soft drawing pencils and black markers. They did big squiggles; little squiggles, big zigzags and little zigzags, and lots more big and small marks.

We then began to talk about Fairies and the size of plates, glasses, and cutlery they would use to eat. We had a few props to help the discussion.

The children then drew table settings for fairies.

During the next session the children had time to explore clay and learn some techniques. They tried rolling our slabs, texturing, and joining the clay. Then they made tables for the fairies.

We had a fantastic visit to the Botanic Gardens. Because we had two sessions before our visit discussing, drawing and making tables for fairies, the children saw fairy environments everywhere. They were very excited.

The visit to Sculpture in Context inspired a theme of camouflage, as it came up that we didn’t see any fairies. But then you don’t see them do you? They are so well camouflaged that they blend it with the garden.

Camouflage Houses.

The children made oil pastel drawings of leaves and collaged them onto cardboard and painted around them.

This cardboard was glued into cylinders to make them into the camouflaged walls of fairy houses. Roofs were added using paper plates and camouflaged.

They added moss, pinecones,  est. to make gardens. The fairies were made to camouflage in a garden also. They used  lollipop sticks, coloured paper, and laminated leaves

Having spent all this time constructing fairy worlds we went back to drawing. Using black paint, a variety of brush sizes and black markers, the children did large collaboration drawings.

For the final session parents and guardians were invited in to work with the children. Lots of collage materials, oil pastels, markers, scissors and glue were available. They made door hangers to let the fairies know that they have lost a tooth. They attached little bags or matchboxes to the hangers to put their teeth in.

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